Is Valentine’s Day Overrated

The singing Valentine's table was available during a and b lunch from February 6th through the 8th. The table was set up so students could buy a valentine, which will be performed during the first and second periods of February 14. (Photo Courtesy of Daniela Plata)

There are many stories about how Valentine’s Day came about, people twist and turn these stories to bring more life and magic to the holiday. Still, many people believe that this holiday is overrated.

So if there is controversy over the origin, how important is the holiday, and do high school students even celebrate it?

“I think that there are not enough days in the year that we can show our love and appreciation for the ones around us,” said Jaidee Hernandez, junior. 

Many high schoolers in relationships feel a similar way about Valentine’s Day, saying it’s, “To show your love for your significant other,” said Tyler Carlson, senior. 

Whether they are in a relationship or not, many have the same stance, “It can be [overrated] in some ways like I think some people can go to overachieving and get too much but like the simple meaning behind it is good,” said Carlson.

In a recent poll of Leesville students, 55% percent said that Valentine’s Day is overrated.

“It depends if I was taken [in a relationship] no [it’s not overrated], but now it is because I’m single,” said Isabelle Barnum, sophomore.

Most students at Leesville who are not in a relationship, like Barnum, would have a positive outlook on the day. “It’s just like a special day with your significant other. If you do not have someone you just don’t celebrate it, and if you do have someone then it’s special,” said Jovin Zang, a sophomore.

For high schoolers without a significant other the day does seem overrated, especially for high schoolers, so many plan on staying in. “I plan on watching some cute movies and eating some chocolates,” said Hernandez. 

Even doing something small like watching movies and eating chocolates affects the amount spent on the holiday, which last year was projected to be 25.9 billion. This is one of many factors that leads people to think the holiday is overrated.

Others choose to spend this money and enjoy the holiday “Not a crazy amount, probably less than a hundred dollars on gifts, and then take my girlfriend out on a date,” said Carlson.

According to Leesville students, overall it depends on whether you have someone to spend the day with. Whether it’s yourself or someone else, stop reading and start finding your Valentine.

For more information on Valentine’s Day history and Valentine’s Day statistics, you can visit these websites.


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