Working During the Holiday Season

Students, Katie Carrigan and Valentina Fernandez, along with coworker, Sierra Marie, working together over the break at Chow Pizza Bar. (Photo Courtesy of Valentina Fernandez)

Many Leesville students have part-time jobs after school and/or on weekends. A lot of the time, students will take time off during the holidays from those jobs to enjoy the break.

However, in some cases, students will work through the holidays. 

A poll from LRHS’s Mycenean Instagram account shows that 46% of students chose to work over the holidays over 54% of students didn’t.

Students aren’t the only people who call off work during the holiday season which can lead to understaffing issues.

Koy Sloop, junior, said, “I picked up a few shifts during the break to help out some coworkers.” 

On top of picking up shifts, some students will work longer shifts to help out.

Keeley Klingler, junior, said, “They had me working full-time instead of part-time like normal…I honestly didn’t mind it though,”

Some students didn’t mind working over the holidays; expressing a general appreciation for the holiday cheer and attitude the public had.

However, other students found it extremely stressful and draining.

Fay Stoke, senior, said, “It was absolutely hectic, people were doing last-minute shopping and demanding things we just didn’t have anymore… it was exhausting.”

Although working during the holiday season is overall a tough task, many students received gifts or bonuses from their bosses as appreciation for their work.

Klingler said, “My boss gave me a gift card to thank me… I really wasn’t expecting it and thought it was really sweet!”

Regardless of whether or not students necessarily enjoyed working over break, it definitely provided a way to make money and pass the time.

Students who don’t travel or have big plans over break should consider working over break as it provides a great opportunity to be productive.


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