What do students use Winter Break for: relax or study?

On the left students, taking a break from their work and relaxing by using their phones. Student on the right using class time to knock out all of the work that has been assigned for the break. (Photo courtesy of Davis Dutton)

Some students at Leesville have to decide whether to plan out their Christmas break with loads of studying or maybe even just a little bit of studying. On the other hand some students choose it for relaxation and a time off school.

Emma Smawley, junior, said, “What I most like about break is spending time with my family and my friends and taking part in Christmas type activities.”

Although lots of time is given to students for christmas break to potentially just use it for a holiday but also a time for students to study for exams if they want to get ahead of the study process and do well on the exams. Many students, though, choose to take the break to relax and take a break away from school work and to focus on their personal life.

Cole Fox, sophomore, said, “I like just getting a break from school and not just having to go straight and it’s just like a couple weeks off and it gets your mind right for when exams come.”

Tyler Cataruzolo, junior, said, “What I most like about break is the overall time you get to spend with your friends. You also are not as tired because you get to sleep in and recharge as well, and there’s some good food. I mean it’s just an all around good time.”

Students who plan to study over the break may even easily become distracted from their personal acade8-mic goals of keeping the same grades. But this means they also have a chance at raising them before the semester comes to an end, especially with the exams being the last factor of a students final grade. This can take away that goal to exceed in their classes before the semester ends by the excitement of the holidays and what other activities students prefer to do instead of academics.

“If I’m going to be honest, no I do not usually commit to academics over break, but I chose to kind of just live my life to the fullest instead. I like to get outside, go on some walks, play some lacrosse and just hang out with my friends. I do think the break should be longer though this year especially since we don’t get out until the 21st. I was kind of shocked about it at first because it’s a bit late.I think it should be a little earlier,” said Cataruzolo.

“I think I should do academics over break and study, but I never end up committing to it. I just like to chill, go to the beach, and just overall hang out with my friends and just get away from school and the work that comes with it. I also think that break itself is personally the right amount of time especially since it’s during the holiday season,” said Fox.

“Although I do not usually tend to study over break, I think if I did study and used the time over break I would do a lot better, but I tend to use the break for myself, and I still do okay on the finals,” said Fox.

Christmas break is not all just about going out with your friends each night but also a time to focus more on work and either get caught up on work or study for exams. Quite a few students actually do choose this time for academics since the past few weeks teachers have been cramming all the work they can to get caught up on their lessons if they are behind and also overall as the semester comes to a close quite soon.

“I do choose to do academics over break even though I should use it to take a break for myself and kind of recharge before exams and the start of the next semester. I do think that exams should be before break ust to possibly give more time added to break and also so they don’t become a stressor over break,” said Smawley.


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