Should Exams Be Before or After Winter Break?

Final Exams for first semester classes are after students come back from winter break. Schools are getting closer and closer to the end of the quarter. (Photo Courtesy of North Carolinians for Home Education)

According to the Leesville Road High School school website, final exams are mandatory and count for 20 percent of the grade in the course. The school has a schedule for exam dates in January 2024 though these may not be exact due to weather or other circumstances in the future.

Senior Exemption Policy 

The student handbook says that “Students (seniors only) can receive exemptions for any non – required assessments with an average of B or better in the class.” 

The handbook also states that “students must have ten or fewer absences in the course. Students cannot be exempt from state testing including field testing.” 


“Before,” said Tyler Gomez, junior when asked this question. “Because then I’m not over break like studying like trying to get in, like I’ll be chilling during break like I won’t be stressing about it, I’ll already be done.”

“That’s how they do it in like college, why can’t they do it like that in high school,” said Gomez.

In my opinion, I would rather do final exams before the break so I won’t have to worry about studying while I’m out of school.

Taking finals after the break can be stressful for students because they may have to study the entire contents of a class before the test or even have to study over break, which would be challenging for those that procrastinate.

I also feel like I would be more productive and perform better on finals if I go ahead and get the finals out the way. 

Not only could we get started with the second semester sooner but it could be a fresh start.

However, in order for schools to fit in finals as well as the finals before winter break, they would have to start earlier.

Senate Bill 107 is the reason why exams for the first semester are after the winter break and the earliest school can start is the Monday closest to August 26 and each semester has to be 90 days.


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