Mrs. Sloan Spotlight

Mrs. Sloan, LRHS English teacher, is a passionate individual whose journey into teaching is influenced by an appreciation for her high school teachers. (Photo Courtesy of Elena Faddoul).

Growing up near the beach as an only child, her love for English and reading shaped her academic life. While uncertain about her career plans, a semester of reflection after graduating high school early clarified her path.

During this time, Mrs. Sloan discovered the impact her high school teachers had on her personal growth. Inspired by these experiences, she decided to major in education at NC State University.

Maintaining a balance between learning and individuality in the classroom is crucial for Mrs. Sloan. It is because of the diversity in her classroom, and at Leesville that she goes above and beyond to prioritize building relationships with each student in her class. 

“I think she genuinely cares about her students and whether we understand what she is teaching because she takes the time to check in with us individually which sets her apart from a lot of teachers,” said Emma Triebel, senior.

To foster this connection, Mrs. Sloan starts each day with an attendance question, ranging from weekend activities to TikTok trends.  She also has students complete a personal survey at the beginning of the semester, enabling her to discover shared interests and find ways for her to approach each student and chat about their lives.

“I go back to it [the student survey] and be like ‘oh, you like this movie,’ just to learn little things about each student to help build the entire community in the room. I feel like this helps see each student as a human being; they are more than what they do in my class.”

Reflecting on her own experiences, Mrs. Sloan emphasizes the importance of teacher-student relationships. Mentored by Mrs. Dinkenor and Mrs. Wilkerson, she acknowledges the significance of having someone in her corner during the challenges of teaching.

“I think with teaching you have to form some relationships because it can be a tough job, so to have someone in your corner to recognize when you’re having a bad day or need someone to lift you up.”

Mrs. Sawyer, another colleague and mentor, plays an important  role in Mrs. Sloan’s teaching experience. Their close relationship extends beyond the classroom, with Mrs. Sawyer’s thoughtful gestures during tough times.

“She [Mrs. Sawyer] and I connect really well. She’s the type of person who’ll, like I said, notice when I’m having a bad day or going through a tough time. And when this happens, she’ll bring me a snack or a treat, and it’s just the tiny details that she notices that makes my teaching experience easier, and our relationship closer.”

For Mrs. Sloan, knowing fellow teachers on a personal level is crucial to fostering a supportive community.

“I do think it’s important, to, again, know each other as humans because once people find out you’re a teacher, everyone knows what a teacher does, and that kinda becomes your identity. So knowing each other [amongst teachers] helps us connect and interact outside of our subjects.”

Mrs. Sloan’s teaching revolves around creating an inclusive and supportive environment, valuing each student’s individuality, and building meaningful connections that extend beyond the classroom.

In the future, she wishes to be able to teach an English-related elective, but for the time being, she is content with teaching AP Literature and English two; recognizing the difference between the curriculums and students, which ultimately make her teaching experience even more rewarding.


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