An Open Letter to Parents of Leesville 

The lunch situation is dire at Leesville and we must do whatever we can to change it. Parents, students, and anyone who will listen should do whatever they can to change lunch. (Photo Courtesy of Ben Taylor)

Dear Parents,

Students sit out in the courtyard during B lunch. Lunch at Leesville is shorter than many other schools, but what do students think about this?

Ever since Mr. Ian Soloman got rid of SMART lunches which let students at Leesville have more time to eat and also have time for club, lunches have become significantly shorter. The lunches used to be over an hour long but now with the A/B lunch schedule they have become only 34 minutes long.

One of the main positives of SMART Lunch is that Leesville had health benefits. When students are rushed to eat lunch it commonly leads to worse GI health and eating a lack of fruits and vegetables. 

Another big positive about SMART lunch was that it gave people going off campus more time. This extra time allowed them to slow down and be more safe when leaving the student parking lot. 

The main reason that not only students but also parents want a longer lunch is to decompress. Throughout the day, many students are taking extremely difficult and strenuous classes, such as AP Lang, APUSH, AP Stat, and many others. Lunch normally gives students time to slow down, relax, talk to their friends, and mentally prepare for the rest of the day. 

But many students can not do that because of how short lunch is. 

Overall, lunch is an important part of the student’s day because it gives more people opportunities to join clubs, improves student safety, and most importantly gives students time to slow down and really process their day. 

After reading this letter, I urge you to call administrators at Leesville to change lunch and speak up for a longer lunch, so students can decompress from the long day — call for safety of the students and your kids, and call for added diversity to school clubs. 


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