Leesville Band’s Upcoming Winter Concert

Leesville’s Concert Band, conducted by Josh Cvijavnovic. They are practicing for the Winter Concert. (Photo Courtesy of Milo Wegmann)

On December 14, Leesville’s Intermediate, Concert, and Jazz bands will be performing their 31st annual Winter Concert. 

Alyssa M. Colburn and Josh Cvijavnovic will be conducting with students from all grades performing.

Audiences can expect the Intermediate band to play three pieces: “Linus and Lucy”, “Let it Snow”, and “Carol Celebration”. 

Jazz band will also perform three pieces: “Limbo Jazz”, “After You’ve Gone”, and “A Big Band Christmas.”

The Concert band will be performing four pieces: “Let the Bells Ring”, “Bashana Haba’ah”, “Lannigan’s Ball”, and “Stars and Stripes for Christmas.”

The Winter Concert is the centerpiece of the bands’ fall semester. Months of hard work and practice culminate into a special show that is sure to please an audience of all ages. 

Ablam Akakpo, junior, is a trumpet player in the jazz band. “Jazz band helps you learn to be more independent on your sound”, said Akakpo. Akakpo is most looking forward to performing Limbo Jazz. As for his favorite part of the concert night — “Definitely my solo”, said Akakpo. 

The Winter Concert is not just a way to show off the entire band but is also a way for individual musicians to show their growth and skillset. 

Take Ryan Mason, senior, in the Concert band. For many, learning and becoming great at an instrument can take years. For Mason, this wasn’t the case. 

“I’ve learned how to play the french horn in Concert band this year. I’m really proud of myself because I’m already first chair and I’ve played for like 3 months”, said Mason. “I’m really looking forward to being on the end of the row so my parents can finally see me.” 

The Concert is scheduled to start at 6 pm for the Intermediate band and 7 pm for the Concert and Jazz band. A reception will be held in the main lobby following the concert. 

Tickets for the 2023 Winter Concert can be purchased at GoFan and proceeds go to supporting the Band. 


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