Loonies and their Effect on the Theme

The student section at Neon Out Thursday, October 19th, 2023. At the last home game of the regular season, as well as the class of 2024’s senior night. (Photo courtesy of Daniela Plata).

With football season coming to an end, so is the Leesville Loonies student section. Lots of students attend the football games and are Loonies. One big question remains though: How many of those students go for the football game, and how many go for the social aspect?

The Loonies’ student section has become such a tradition that section leaders are elected every year to help maintain their hype and excellence. 

Haley Lamme is one such student: “Come support our football team and to keep the games exciting and fun.” The section leaders are encouraging more students to go to games and help cheer on our football team.

Students from all grade levels feel that the Loonies are not at the games to watch football but rather go for the theme. “For the social aspect and for the theme definitely,” said Lamme. 

Lamme has seen firsthand how many students attend the game, and how they dress up according to theme and cheer on our football team. 

“[I go for the] theme and like social part, I don’t really watch football,” said Caroline Murry, a freshman.

While the football games are a big part of Leesville, most students don’t go to all of the games.  

When asked if she goes to the football games, Murry, said, “Most of the home ones, but not the away ones.” 

With many of the football games being here at Leesville, many of the students dress out according to theme to attend. With many students doing so, the Loonies section can get packed and pose issues.

Being a part of the student section, students have access to two sections of bleachers at football games. With the number of Loonies that go to the games to socialize, the section becomes very cramped and crowded. 

“We have so many people that go to the games, we need a bigger student section or our bleachers redone,” said Lamme. The bleacher section where the Loonies reside has bent seats and openings between the seats where many students have lost items during games.

While it is loved that students attend the game for themes and socialization, issues have arisen that make it hard for them to do so. The student section at Leesville not having enough space is one, but also the fact that the bleachers belonging to the student section are breaking. Student leaders believe that these issues can be fixed by allowing the student section to have jurisdiction over more than two sections of bleachers.


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