The Pools remodel on Student Life (Satire)

The Murphy pool was built on the roof, but no one is allowed on the roof without an admin present. (Photo courtesy Daniela Plata)

Leesville’s school pool has been in use since the opening of the school in 1992. Located on top of the Murphy building, students have used the pool for the swimming and diving team, class activities, as well as recreation whenever they feel like it. 

Since the polar bear plunge, things have begun to change at the pool. The polar bear plunge took place at the school’s pool on a frigid December evening many years ago. It consisted of a group of students jumping into the pool in their swimsuits, in freezing temperatures.

“The pool is great, it is a small part of what makes Leesville great,” said Suzannah Daimes. Daimes is an administrator here at Leesville who is in charge of the pool’s change. Daimes is one of the few administrators who has access to the pool.

Currently, students are not allowed access to the pool without the supervision of administrators to help prevent accidents. The renovation of the pool will allow students to access the pool with a pass, rather than having to be with an administrator. 

“This renovation is important in preventing future accidents at the pool. It is also allowing us to update how students get to the pool, with or without an administrator,” said Daimes.

The pool renovations include installing a gate around the pool, updating the cameras that protect the pool, installing a heating system for the pool, and a 12-foot water slide. “It’s a much-needed renovation and will help swimming and diving practice year-round,” said Daimes. 

“I’m really excited to be able to access the pool without having to wait for a teacher to let me on the roof,” said Victoria Smith, junior. Students like Smith may be granted a pass that allows them on the roof but must fill out a form first and speak to their counselor about receiving a pass.

The pool update has been something that has been in the planning for a long time now. Several students are happy to be able to access the pool and take a dip or go down the magnificent new waterslide during class time or whenever they feel like it.


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