Juniors will take the ACT in February

Students can use guides like the one pictured above to help prepare for the ACT. (Photo courtesy of Zach Barnes)

All juniors will take the ACT on February 27, 2024.

The ACT is a required standardized test for all high school students in the 11th grade, and all 10th grade students are required to take the PreACT.

Some juniors who have taken the PreACT talked about their perspective on the format and feel of the test.

Patrick Cook, junior, said, “It was formatted pretty well, it was definitely in a digestible way, except I wish there was more time for the math section.”

The fact that the test is timed and in sections can stress some students out.

“It was pretty easy, when it came to just the basics, but how much time they gave us to think about it and answer was pretty short and really stressful to keep up with time,” said Chris Azamar, junior.

The test has different sections, English, mathematics, reading, and science. The ACT also has an optional writing section.

Avery Hobbes, junior, said, “I like the format, how it was split into 4 different sections…for the most part it was relatively easy, like, the questions were pretty easy to read and it wasn’t too difficult.” 

Students are preparing for the ACT in different ways, some are taking a prep class, and others just study away.

 “I’m just studying and looking over what I’ve learned already,” said Azamar, Which can be a great and quick way to study as he has already learned the content and just needs a refresher.

There are also ACT/SAT prep classes available, which can help students prepare for the test.

Cook said, “[I’ll] probably find some test book to help study.”

Resources are available in the Media Center for those who want an ACT book, like the one pictured above.

“I think it’s pretty serious and not something you should just leave it be, not procrastinate over it,” said Azamar.

The most important thing when taking tests is to not stress. These tests benefit students and help them move forward toward college.


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