Lego Museum

The Lego Museum in Pleasant Valley Promenade gives a new perspective to art. Three dimensional lego creations brought to life by Nathan Sawaya will be sure to spark a likeness for both creativity and legos. (Photo courtesy of public domain)

Nestled in Pleasant Valley Promenade, the Art of the Brick Museum is evidence of the limitless possibilities of creativity and the making of childhood toys into real art. Founded by renowned artist Nathan Sawaya, this unique museum offers an amazing experience that bridges the gap between nostalgia and unique art.

The main event of the museum is, of course, LEGO bricks, but there is also a shop, drawing station, and a place to build legos. The complex interlocking brick system has been a staple of childhood play for decades, being featured in TV shows and movies. 

However, Sawaya’s vision goes beyond the ordinary. He elevates these building blocks into an art form that leaves visitors speechless. The museum showcases an impressive array of sculptures and installations, each meticulously crafted from thousands of LEGO bricks and glued together to ensure safety. 

While the tickets are quite pricey ($30), one can’t help but be amazed by the attention to detail in each piece. From life-sized human figures to reimagined iconic works of art, the Art of the Brick Museum pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with these minute but colorful bricks. 

Sawaya’s ability to capture the essence of his subjects using such an unconventional medium is truly remarkable. The museum makes the adult mind turn right back into a child’s mind. 

What makes this museum even more amazing is its ability to engage audiences of all ages. Kids and adults are both in awe, while kids are in awe because of legos adults are in awe of the technical skill it took to make all of the sculptures. 

One of the most interesting things I saw was the many different everyday objects we use but in LEGO, such as umbrellas and dresses.

Also, at the end of the museum there is a person swimming in water that is life sized. It is really interesting to see how these real life pieces of art can be turned into a lego sculpture.

The Art of the Brick Museum is a great trip of nostalgia, creativity, and the appeal of LEGO. Nathan Sawaya’s vision has transformed these childhood bricks into masterpieces that challenge our perceptions of art.

Whether legos are a favorite childhood toy or a current hobby, the Art of the Brick museum will be sure to bring back fond memories and creativity on a different level. 


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