Football rivalry — Leesville Pride vs. Gibbons Crusaders

The Pride is prepared to take on the Crusaders. (Photo credit: Official Pride Football) 

The game the Loonies have been waiting for is upon us: Leesville vs. Gibbons. This Friday October 27, the Pride will be playing the Cardinal Gibbons Crusaders away from home.

 If you’re not familiar with these two teams you may ask Why is this a rivalry game?

The Leesville Pride has had a couple of losses to the Crusaders in the past. Last year losing to Gibbons by a blow out. This year’s team has come back bigger, stronger, faster.

Ben Kolstad, head coach for Leesville football, said, “We know we are gonna have a battle. We are not gonna give up big plays.”

These two teams are very similar when it comes to coaching style and even the amount of talent they have on the field.

Leesville is currently 8-1 only to have lost to Wakeforest. While Gibbons current record is 7-2.

Elisio Torres, senior, said, “We have been working countless hours to be prepared for this game, and I think we have all realized how important this game means to us all.”

Leesville’s football coaching staff has made sure their players are locked in for the upcoming game. 

Deandre Goldston, junior, said, “My goal coming into the game is to be confident and be prepared for what the other team will do on the field.”

This is the game to watch as the season comes to an end. Let’s support the Pride for yet another win!


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