Dads Getting Crapped On 

Pictured a dad who is smiling but actually doesn’t want his kids hands inside his mouth. Two more kids pictured in the back, he sure has a handful of love to come in the teenage years. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

Dads always get treated nicely. When dads have money they empty their wallets for their kids, and in return they get side glances and wishy-washy behavior. 

Such as Daniel Brote who recounted how on his birthday, one of his kids forgot and ditched him for a friend’s house. He was so delighted to hear that his son finally spread his wings. So much independence that his son completely forgot about his dear old dad. Brote’s son truly was growing up. 

Brote said, “I love my son dearly and I get so much in return from him, he treats me greatly, one time he stole money from my wallet and walked out without thanking me. I felt so seen and heard that someone would feel that comfortable to be that way with me.”

Similarly, Rashawad Edmond has a daughter in high school. Edmond spoke about how his daughter upon seeing him at school, “I just know she was so overcome with emotion seeing her dad that she didn’t even have the strength to recognize me, or even say hello.”

Edmond also recounted how he has been treated, beaming with pride with how his daughter has honored him by letting him eat her leftovers, “I love cooking for her, since I’m a single father I often have to do what I need to keep her fed. It’s a joy that when I cook she is so grateful that she never even looks up from her phone! I know she loves me when she ignores me when I try talking to her.”

Similarly after hearing how Edmond was treated, Brote also recounted his experiences during dinner, “My son loves food, one time when I was making a sandwich for myself my son asked if I could make one for him. Naturally since I love him I gave him my sandwich and went to remake another one for me. I looked and there was no bread left so I just ate the meat, and my son, being too guilty afterward, didn’t look at me and took his plate upstairs to eat.”

Yes, Brote had to eat alone most nights, but he said that he doesn’t mind and that alone time allows him to think about all the love he holds for his dear attentive son. 

Never overlooked, never unseen and unheard, never disrespected, never ever, at all. Dads are what keep our worlds running, and they are continuously grateful for our ignorance and hostility. They just hostility and anger is that love spilling over the sides from their children. 

After asking what sons and daughters should do to honor their fathers, Edmond said, “I believe that all dads should be treated in this way, or else how would we know they love us? They should honor us with crap, disobedience, not communicating, ignorance, and defiance. These qualities specifically show us dads that we are loved the absolute most by our kids.”



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