College visits

Leesville offers college visits to various universities in order to aid students in the difficult college application process. Students take advantage of these visits to learn more about prospective colleges. (Photo courtesy of public domain)

Juniors and seniors at Leesville are faced with the daunting task of planning and preparing for their future after high school. For many students, preparation for college may seem like a never-ending task. Leesville seeks to lessen the burden of the college application process through providing college visits for students to learn more about prospective colleges.

College visits occur in room 3 next to student services during 2nd and 4th periods. These visits are available to all grades. If a student wishes to attend a college visit they can register on the SignUp genius. To attend, you must register by noon the day before the selected visit in order to receive a pass. 

Each meeting takes 30-45 minutes. During this time, admission officers/ representatives from the school provide an overview of the college, and answer any questions students may have.  

Upcoming college visits:

  • St. Augustine’s University (10/23/23),
  • Salem College (10/26/23), 
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (10/30/23), 
  • Wake Technical Community College (10/31/23),
  •  East Carolina University (11/15/23), 
  • Campbell University (11/28/23) 

“[College visits] help you to learn more about different schools and universities and find a fit in college. You can read things online but talking to an admissions officer gives a lot more inside ideas of what different colleges do,” said Vanderbilt University representative. 

Many students take advantage of this opportunity to speak directly with admissions officers and college representatives to gain clarity on potential universities. 

“Going to college visits have helped me learn more about various colleges and gain a better understanding of what each college is like, and what they are looking for,” said Kelly Kim, junior

“I would definitely recommend going to college visits because they give you a time to ask questions you have about a university while getting to know more about it. It also saves you from having to do a lot of research yourself before applying,” said Ashley Kibicho, junior.

These college visits only happen once a year, so it is important that students utilize as much as possible.


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