LRHS Marching Band’s Fall Season

The LRHS Marching Band along with the Color Guard performed a halftime show on September 8th, 2023. The band and the Colour Guard perform in tandem. (Photo courtesy of Cameron Broer)

At Leesville’s home football games, the LRHS Marching Band is there to show their support for the team and rally the students in the stands. 

Adrian McCall, junior and drum major, leads the band before and during the games. The band opens each of the home football games this year, also playing the halftime show.

Ablam Akapo, junior trumpet player, is excited for the band’s numbers this year. “I’d say like eighty-seven [marching band students], but it was more than last year. Way more than last year,” Akapo said

When asked about the content of the football shows, Akapo said, “We just have one show, but there’s like three movements. We’re playing like, American theme songs, so like Esprit de Corps…it’s just like a lot of American songs.”

Rashad Burton, junior, attended the  football game on September 8. After viewing the halftime show, Burton said via direct message, “…I liked the visuals with the flags. The band did pretty good.”

Owen McGinnis, junior, also attended the game, said via direct message “The performance was really good…you could tell that everyone really cared about performing well and they were really dedicated.”

The marching band will continue to play at all future Leesville home games.


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