The Upcoming “23-24” Seahawks Season

Lumen Field in Seattle Washington. Home to the Seattle Seahawks as well as the Seattle Sounders (Photo Courtesy of Kallerna via Wikimedia Commons)

The upcoming NFL season for the Seattle Seahawks is upon us. Surprising everyone last year by making the playoffs after trading away their franchise quarterback, the Seahawks look to improve upon last season’s success. 

Even though Seattle is over 2,500 miles away from Leesville, a surprising amount of students call themselves the “12s”. 

Many students at Leesville have high expectations going into the 2023-2024 season. Take Elizabeth Dokulil, junior, who, when asked about her expectations going into the season said, “Last year many people didn’t expect us to do so well, so when we made the playoffs it was a big surprise. This year I think we are going to do even better.” 

The excitement felt around the Seahawks upcoming season is not just limited to Seahawks fans either. Brodie Crafts, junior, who is a Bills fan, seemed confident that the Seahawks would continue to progress this season. 

When asked his opinion on the Seahawks this year, Crafts said, “They aren’t my favorite team, but I still think they are going to do quite well this year.” 

Not everyone is so confident heading into the season though. Franklin Wegmann, freshman, is more weary than ever about the Seahawks. When asked to give his record prediction, Wegmann said “4-13”. 

No matter what your opinion on this year’s Seahawks is, it is hard to deny the excitement with many veterans returning and a solid rookie class looking to build a solid foundation for years to come.


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