2023 Leesville Homecoming Week

Last year, Loonieville filled the stands during the Homecoming game. Homecoming is a yearly event at Leesville High School. (Photo courtesy of Viviana Straniero)

Leesville Homecoming week is October 9-13. The Leesville Executive Council is planning the upcoming homecoming events, surrounding the Candy Land theme. 

Spirit Week

Spirit Week is a main aspect of Leesville homecoming week, allowing students to show their school spirit by dressing with the designated themes. 

At the beginning of September, students were asked to suggest potential Spirit Week themes. The Executive Council took all these ideas into consideration and created the official Spirit Week calendar. Here they are:

  • Monday– No school (Wake County teacher workday)
  • Tuesday– Kit to my Kat (twin day)
  • Wednesday– Barbie Out
  • Thursday– Jersey Out
  • Friday– Lucky to be a Loonie (green out)

Pep Rally and Parade

The Leesville Executive Council is planning a parade on Friday, October 13, followed by a pep rally in the stadium. 

The parade will be an opportunity for clubs to make floats relating to the homecoming theme, Candy Land. 


Powderpuff is another Leesville homecoming tradition. Powderpuff is a flag football game played by girls, while being coached and cheered on by boys.

The games include freshmen going against seniors and sophomores versus juniors. The winner of these 2 games plays in the final, championship game. 

In order to participate in Powderpuff, students must have attended one of the three interest meetings. The players are then encouraged to attend the optional practices in order to build a successful team. 

Powderpuff will be held on October 11 at 5 p.m. with a makeup date of October 19. 

Homecoming Court

Leesville students are able to nominate their friends and peers to represent their grade level on Homecoming Court. 

The nominees will be voted by students, again, in order to finalize the grade-level winners. 

Homecoming court winners will be recognized during halftime of the football game as they walk across the field with their escort. The Homecoming Queen and King will also be crowned during this time.

Homecoming Game

Leesville Varsity Football will finalize homecoming week with their game on October 13. This game will be held in the Marshall Hamilton stadium against Enloe High School at 7 p.m. 

The game will carry on the final day of Spirit Week with the green-out theme. 

Homecoming Dance

Leesville has not hosted a homecoming dance in many years, but this is subject to change this year. The dance will be based on the theme, Candy Land, where food and drinks will be provided. 

The casual, ¨come as you are¨ dance will be held in the main building of the school from 10 pm – 12 am directly following the homecoming football game. 

Students who wish to attend the dance must purchase a ticket and fill out the dance Google Form


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