No Homecoming Dance at LRHS


There has not been a Homecoming Dance at Leesville Road High School in over three years.

The Leesville student body makes the best of a frustrating situation by planning their own get-togethers and dates with friends and significant others. However, a homecoming dance would be appreciated school-wide.

Upperclassmen have prom, but the freshman and sophomores don’t have any dances to look forward to throughout the year. Even still, the upperclassmen have voiced a want for a homecoming dance.

“It seems like we’re just missing out on a lot,” said Sohail Jumma, a junior at Leesville Road High school.

The process to bring a Homecoming dance to Leesville would include the cooperation and effort of both the executive council and administration.

“We would talk and discuss it within the council…and look at all the pros and cons before drafting a proposal for admin,” said Elliot Worth, a senior at Leesville Road High School and president of the Executive Council.

For there to be a homecoming dance, the administration needs to approve the proposal and so far they haven’t for a variety of reasons.The main reason is people simply don’t go to the dances.

“If there was one I’d go to it,” said Banks Blizzard, a sophomore at Leesville Road High School explaining how he would love a school dance to take his girlfriend to.

Students want the opportunity to go to a school dance and make memories. “I feel like high school is a really important time and school dances are a big part of people’s high school memories,” said Yasmeen Said, a sophomore at Leesville Road High School.

Mr. Solomon, the principal of Leesville Road High School, said, “The administration of this school is not opposed to a Homecoming dance.” However, It would take a lot of effort from the executive council and admin to make it happen.

The risk people wouldn’t come is significant enough that the dance hasn’t happened in years. Funding a dance would be expensive and complicated; the administration and the Executive Council would have to prep the location, decide on a theme, make decorations, etc. Students skipping the dance would be a waste of time and money.



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