Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Roche

Micheal Roche teaching his 4th period Chemistry class. He is teaching about significant figures in measurements (Photo courtesy of Sami Mcgaughey)

Micheal Roche has been teaching at Leesville Road High School for three years and is transferring to a private school.

Roche chose to work at Leesville Road High School for these past three years because he said, “I liked the diversity of Leesville and I was hoping to be a part of that”.

Before working at Leesville he worked as a chemistry and physics teacher at Cardinal Gibbons High School.

Many of his students that he has taught said that they liked Chemistry a lot more than Physics because Chemistry was very interesting, included less math, and is overall easier to understand.

Roche said, “Out of Chemistry and Physics, chemistry is definitely my favorite because I have spent my whole life teaching and learning about it, and along the way I was thinking of ways how to teach it in high school.”

“I hope to be able to bring new students into chemistry and get them excited to learn about it and do it the way that I do it that will help them succeed to their best abilities later on in the stages of their life, and hopefully get students that are interested to want to teach chemistry in the future,” said Roche

As Mr.Roche is transferring schools he is some student’s favorite science teachers because he makes learning fun and interesting instead of boring and what the school tells him to teach.

Roche said, “I am making a transfer from Leesville because I wanted to have more control over what I was teaching to my students, and it seems like more and more I was being told how and what to do. Overall I am switching schools because I want to teach what I love most in a fun way, but also make it so my students get knowledge out of what I’m teaching them.”

As Michael Roche said, taking chemistry and physics helps you later on in life by facing problems. That includes heath, and energy usage. It also helps you with medical school and getting jobs as a nurse, pediatrician, and dentist etc.

Ryan Huffman, sophomore, said, “My favorite part of being in Roches class is when he tells jokes that correlate to what he is teaching, it makes learning chemistry way more interesting and fun.”

“The biggest difference between him teaching and another teacher is that he is more understanding and has different ways to explain and teach that help me and the rest of his students.”

Huffman said, “Mr. Roche has taught me not only chemistry but has also taught me how to make learning boring ordinary classes fun and interesting.” 

As Mr. Roche leaves Leesville Road High School and is transferring to a private school — he will be missed by many students as he changed learning chemistry from boring to interesting.


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