Teacher appreciation week

Executive council worked to make posters to recognize teachers. The posters are hung around the school. (Photo courtesy of Cameron Broer)

Teacher appreciation week is a national holiday celebrated as a way to honor teachers across America. This holiday always takes place during the first full week of May. But the official day is Tuesday of the celebrated week. 

The official history of Teacher Appreciation Week can be dated back to 1953. The theory states that Mattye Whyttee Woolbridge, along with other educators, worked to form a day of honor for teachers. 

She began to write to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in order to gain her attention. Eleanor Roosevelt agreed with this idea and took it to Congress.

Roosevelt gained support, but it took an additional 27 years for it to become a national holiday. 

In 1980 the National Education Association lobbied to Congress to make an official day for teacher recognition. 

The clubs and PTSA worked to acknowledge the hard work of the teachers and staff at Leesville. Executive council did an ice cream social for the staff as a thank you recognition. 

“I would like it to be more of a school wide thing. Like how we have a spirit week, maybe teacher appreciation week would be the same thing, encouraging people to say thank you or something nice about their teacher as they walk in,” said Señor Florence, Spanish teacher. 

Teacher appreciation week, dating back to the 1950s, is a week to honor all the teachers and their impacts in everyone’s lives. 


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