The 4 Day Workweek 

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The 5 day week has been the standard of workweeks for the past century. However, the 4 day workweek bill has been introduced to people of the workforce. Rep. Mark Takano, has reintroduced the 32 hour workweek act, which would lower the normal 40 hour workweek to 32 hours. 

Any work over 32 hours would be considered working overtime, and workers would be compensated

The new 32 hour workweek could increase the happiness of workers everywhere in the nation. 

When reintroducing the bill, Tankano argued that the 4 day workweek would increase happiness. 

“A significant change which will increase the happiness of humankind. That’s a very big statement. But it was a big deal 100 years ago when we gave people the weekend by passing the Fair Labor Standards Act,” said Tankano.

A study from the 4 day week global trial showed that the 32 hour work week would increase  happiness, mental health, and overall  decrease the anxiety of the workers in the trial. 

“Some of the most extensive benefits of shorter working hours were found in employees’ well-being. ‘Before and after’ data shows that 39% of employees were less stressed, and 71% had reduced levels of burnout at the end of the trial. Likewise, levels of anxiety, fatigue and sleep issues decreased, while mental and physical health both improved,” said the 4 day workweek

The new 32 hour workweek would demand a pay increase as workers would be working 8 hours less. 

If the bill is passed, it could persuade lawmakers to look into student workweeks.As students would be working as much if not more than the people who are employed. As of now, states have different numbers of required hours in a school day, but the average is about 6.64 hours. 

“I would love a 4 day school week however it would shorten summer which would be kind of bad but I think it would make students more happy and give them more time to work on what they want, however it could lower grades,” said Keanu Tran.  

The new school week would either have 4 days of instruction with 8 hours or a shortened day for 5 days a week. 

“At first blush, a 2022 study of the effects of shortened school schedules in 12 states seems pretty bleak. Nationwide, researchers found significantly lower math and English/language arts achievement at schools using four-day weeks during the time period from 2009-2018 than in schools using a traditional schedule,” said

While shortening a workday may help with productivity and boost enthusiasm in the office, it might prove differently in the classroom.


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