Eat Your Young Album Review

Hozier is an Irish singer and songwriter who has been writing and creating music since he was fifteen years old. In 2013, his song “Take me to Church” put him on the music charts worldwide. 

About Hozier

While Hozier only has two albums out, he has multiple EPs and singles. 

His albums HOZIER and Wasteland, Baby! are both multi-platinum level albums and remain incredibly popular despite being released over four years ago. 

Hozier is mainly known for his song “Take me to Church,” but many of his other songs have gone viral on social media. Prior to releasing the full EP, Hozier released a teaser of his song “Eat Your Young,” which went viral on Tik Tok almost immediately. 

The full EP Eat Your Young was released on March 17, 2023, including songs “All Things End”, “Through Me (The Flood),” and “Eat Your Young.”

The description for the EP on Apple Music states that listeners can look forward to “three songs examine [that] gluttony, heresy, and loss with blazing soul power” 

How “Eat Your Young” compares to his usual work

“Eat Your Young” is similar to Hozier’s past work in that it falls into the folk/soul music he is popular for. However, certain aspects of it separate it from the rest of his work.

The lyrics describe a hellish feast that exploits gluttony and capitalism- most of Hozier’s work before this EP has been related to love, heartbreak, and loneliness. The harshness of the song also differs from the rest of the EP.

The other two songs, “All Things End” and “Through Me (the flood),” are almost reverent in their messages and sounds.

“All Things End,” has a gospel feel to it with multiple harmonies joining in during the chorus. In it, Hozier describes accepting the end of a relationship.

In comparison to many of his other songs, it differs in its message. Instead of describing the feeling of experiencing heartbreak or resenting a past relationship, Hozier sings about accepting the end of a relationship.

Coupled with the unusual message of the song, the actual sound and style of the song are different from a lot of his work.

Typically, Hozier’s lyrics have an ominous feel to them, with deep undertones of bass and percussion. His lyrics almost always have an underlying message to them that can be analyzed and interpreted in many different ways.

In “All Things End” the music is much lighter than a lot of his music, with light percussion and piano; the ambiance is lightweight and joyful. The lyrics describe the calm after the storm rather than describing the actual storm like much of his other music.

“Eat Your Young” and “Through Me (The Flood)” are more similar to other Hozier music with a foreboding ambiance and darker messages. 

As a whole “Through Me (The Flood)” is very similar to the rest of Hozier’s music. Compared to the rest of the songs in the EP, the song didn’t stand out as anything different.

Hozier’s new EP remains incredibly popular and is continuing to climb the ranks on music charts worldwide.


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