Shoe Game at LRHS

Melanie Martinez Appeared on the voice in 2012. She was an automatic hit, and thousands of people fell in love with her (photo courtesy Samantha McGaughey)

Among the LRHS students, many are sneakerheads. With Nike, Yeezy, and Jordan being the most popular, many students join to share their love for sneakers.

Students all around Leesville love sneakers. Yeezy’s, Nike Dunks, and Jordans all around the school, worn by sneakerheads at LRHS. 

Sneakerheads buy, sell, and collect shoes of high demand either for fun or to make money. 

The brand Jordan started the big sneaker craze as Michael Jordans basketball shoes were made a hot commodity by teens, kids, and adults everywhere. 

To some people Michael Jordan shoes are the best in shoe culture.

“My favorite pair of shoes I have are my Jordan 4 crafts. I don’t really know why I like shoes, but I have 7 pairs right now and I have been collecting them for about 2 years now, Jordan is my favorite kind,” said Jana Golubovic, junior. 

Since 2015, Yeezys have been one of the most famous shoes in America, selling out on almost every drop and making a net income of $21.2 billion (as of 2022).  

“Yeezys got me into shoe collecting. In middle school, I started liking them because they got really popular, but my favorite shoes are my lot 49 Nike Dunks,” said Cater Laba, sophomore. 

Over the past 3 years, the Nike SB Dunks Lows have become increasingly popular, not as a skateboarding shoe, but as a sneaker culture icon. 

“My favorite pair of shoes are my university blue Nike Dunks. I started collecting them in January of 2021 and started watching videos and getting really into them. I like how the shoes look and I think they are the best part of the outfit. They really bring outfits together,” said Justin Chambers, junior.

The Dunks were originally crafted as a high top basketball shoe; however, after basketball players found the shoes to be uncomfortable, they transitioned into skateboarding shoes. To some people though, the Dunks are the best sneakers.

“I just got cartoon Dunks, and I love them because they are really colorful and have cartoons on the back. I got into shoe collecting my sophomore year because I had nothing else to do with my money so I spent it on shoes and I really like it now,” said Sofi Johnson, junior. 

Nike Dunks have become increasingly popular due the high demand and low stock of the shoes even when they first released. 

“My favorite shoes are my Parra Dunks…I got into shoes when my friend Jayden showed me a website called ComplexSneakers and I just took interest off of that… Right now I have about 15 pairs of shoes in my collection,” said Andrew Mesnard, senior. 

Complex Network is a company owned by BuzzFeed that reports on trends, style, food, and sneakers. With their sneaker shopping with celebrity videos, Complex reaches over 1 million views per video they release. 

Sneakers are a very important part of today’s youth culture and fashion. They are a way for people around the world to express themselves and come together to enjoy something as a whole. 


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