Suicideboys Album Review

$uicideboy$ released their new album, SHAMELESS $UICIDE. Their fan’s long wait is finally over and they can enjoy the new content provided. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Miller)

The awaited SHAMELESS $UICIDE album has been released. With the album only being out for less than a week, it took their fans by storm.

“There are a couple of really good songs and some okay ones, but overall the album is good,” said Summer Marr, a $uicideboy$ fanatic.

The album consists of 6 songs which are:

  • “Whole Lotta Grey”
  • “Gutter Bravado”
  • “Went to Rehab and All I got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”
  • “Six Lines, Two Dragons, and a Messiah”
  • “Big Shot Cream Soda”

According to Songstats, the song, “Big Shot Cream Soda”, is the current favorite of the album with a 72% rating in popularity.

“My favorite song of the album is ‘Big Shot Cream Soda’ because I love the beats they use and how the lyrics are meaningful,” said Hayden Farrish, a $uicideboy$ fanatic.

However, Marr prefers the song, “Whole Lotta Grey” —  “The song makes me feel like I am in a party and gets me hyped up.”

Compared to the other albums released by $uicideboy$, SHAMELESS $UICIDE featured the rapper, Shakewell.

This is the first album with Shakewell as the featured rapper for all of their songs.

“I think Shakewell’s features made the songs slightly worse. The songs were better on the $uicideboy$ lines. And compared to the other albums with features such as Germ or solo albums, they are significantly better than Shakewell’s features,” said Marr.

The album will continue to rise in popularity and make a statement of $uicideboy$’s music name.


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