Current Influential Women

Everyday women across the world are fighting for better representation in society. As a result of their efforts, their voices are being heard and changes are being made. (Photo courtesy of Billboard)

Throughout history there have been several female influencers who made an impact on the way women are treated in society.

As a result of these influencers, society changed their perspectives on women and began treating them as equals.

In today’s world, several women have risen in popularity due to their courage to fight for women. They have also become role models for the younger generation of women.

“Taylor Swift is one of my biggest inspirations because she is a known female activist, and she fights through her music,” said Hayden Chaney, sophomore.

There are different ways for women to become female activists.

For example, some women are actresses and have lead roles. Some women are talented sports players, or even musicians who touch the hearts of their fans with their music.

“Simone Biles is an influential woman because she is one of the best gymnasts in the world, and brings attention to the sport,” said Georgia Weaver, senior.

Some women fight for rights to make a change in the limitations set on women.

“Malala Yousafzai fought for women’s education in her country, and because of it she is a role model to many young girls,” said Chaney.

Yousafzai would go on to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her courageous acts.

Any woman can become influential by going beyond expectations and proving society wrong.

An example of how women in school can help make a difference is by chasing after leadership.

“Women can try to become leaders in projects, clubs, teams, or even academically,” said Weaver.

By becoming leaders they are creating the image that women can lead others and hold great responsibility.


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