LRHS March Scholarships

Leesville Road High School seniors have the opportunity to apply to college scholarships through the school. Seniors are allowed to apply as many scholarships as they want. (Photo Courtesy of Kaelyn McCann)

Leesville Road High School class of 2023 seniors are able to get a college scholarship through the school. 

These scholarships are through Leesville, and students still have opportunities to receive scholarships from colleges or other organizations. Students have the opportunity to apply to 17 different scholarships ranging in the amount of money and requirements. 

Leesville gives out scholarships to fewer applicants, which give students a better chance of receiving a scholarship. 

“I applied to some scholarships through the school which was a little easier and was a smaller pool or recipients,” said Kyndall Winecoff, senior. 

“The biggest benefit [of applying for scholarships] is being able to get money to use towards tuition,” said Clare Smawley, senior.

“Getting [scholarships] would help with my tuition costs,” said Winecoff. 

Scholarships are also very helpful for students who may not be able to afford college otherwise. “[Getting scholarships] helped sway my decision after I got in,” said Smawley. 

The deadlines for the majority of the scholarships are late March or early April.  

For more information, email Eric Greene:


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