Why are students afraid to share their political beliefs? 


Students are timid when voicing their political beliefs in fear of the consequences. Some students get very defensive when talking about politics. (Photo courtesy of public domain)

When discussing political matters in classrooms across America, many students are afraid to voice their opinions due to fear of judgment. 

“In certain situations, I am scared to share my political beliefs. There is sort of a gray area because I am afraid of being judged or maybe even beaten up if someone doesn’t like my opinion,” said an anonymous sophomore.

Some students get very defensive about political opinions and take things personally. This can make some people’s opinions feel that they are not welcomed. 

“My views differ from liberals and Democrats, so in order to not get into a fight over an opinion I would rather just stay quiet,” said an anonymous junior.

Other people just don’t want to argue with people because their political opinions are different. It is okay to have different political views from other people, but sometimes people get really defensive and try to start verbal altercations.

“A lot of people who have a lot of stronger opinions than me would disagree with me, and I don’t like to argue,” said an anonymous senior.

Students are apprehensive to share their opinions because they are afraid of being judged or criticized. Other students have different political opinions, so they prefer not to share in order not to get into fights or arguments with people.


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