Crunch Fitness vs Fit 4 Life

Many teens began working out during COVID 19 to get out of the house and better themselves. Leesville students attended Fitness 19, now Fit 4 Life, because of its proximity to the school. (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain)

A number of people ended their Fitness 19 membership due to the drastic staff, decor, and workout changes to see what Crunch Fitness was all about. 

“I left Fitness 19 during its transformation to Fit 4 Life as soon as I heard the gym would be closed down for a month. I didn’t end up returning to the revamped gym because I like getting my workout in after school, and I found that Crunch was less busy at that time compared to Fit 4 Life,” said Hannah Weiss, a Leesville alumni. 

Weiss voiced that although Crunch is farther away from her, it is still a manageable drive and completely worth it. 

“I think a good gym definitely has a good environment where you can workout without feeling judged and can also make new friends. I also think it depends on the equipment as well because busy gyms with little equipment make it more difficult to get a solid workout in,” said Weiss. 

Crunch Fitness truly is an uplifting environment that preaches a “no judgment zone,” as that quote along with other positive quotes are posted up on the walls. 

Fit 4 Life does not have inspirational quotes posted on the walls, but they do have blue LED lights which signify inspiration and confidence to motivate the athletes. 

“I love the brand new facility, equipment, and vibes at Fit 4 Life as I grew closer with the staff not only as a member, but as an employee as well,” said Haley Lamme. 

Lamme explained that although she prefers to hit legs at Fit 4 Life due to all of the leg focused machines they provide, and she attends Crunch on upper body lifts. She says that because Crunch is so much bigger in size in comparison to Fit 4 Life, she can focus more on her workout and limit distractions. 

The sauna and stretching area is another attracting factor for Crunch members, including Lamme. 

Luke Rothrock, the male gym rat superlative winner, decided to stay at Fit 4 Life as he was a previous member at the old gym. 

“It is more convenient as I live about 2 minutes away, and the gym is open all 24 hours,” said Rothrock.

Both gyms have their strengths and weaknesses, but they both provide multiple types of workouts to satisfy their members and help them reach their goals.


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