Rihanna’s Halftime Show Took a Twist

    Rihanna wore all red to stand out among the all white-clad dancers during her Super Bowl show. Her outfit emphasized her stomach, which left viewers curious about a potential pregnancy. (Photo Courtesy of public domain)

    Rihanna took the stage during the LVII Super Bowl halftime show. She was chosen as the halftime artist in September 2022 and made her appearance Sunday, Feb 13. 

    Rihanna used this opportunity as a way to reintroduce herself. She has not released a new album since 2016 and this was her first time performing live since January 2018.

    “I forgot how many great songs Rihanna has and I was really impressed because I knew a lot of those songs,” said Mr. Tetreault, math teacher at Leesville.

    Throughout her 13 minute performance she sang all her biggest hits. She opened with “B—Better Have My Money” and closed the show with “Diamonds.” 

    Not only did her performance act like a concert, but it also consisted of a pregnancy reveal. The beginning of the performance left viewers curious about the potential of another baby. It was later confirmed that she is pregnant with her second child with A$AP Rocky.

    “It was a really good decision by her designers to show the baby bump,” said Ashley Lamme, junior.

    There is controversy about whether or not the idea of Rihanna presenting her pregnancy took away from the point of a halftime show. 

    “It took away from the focus of the performance in general,” said Mrs. McGeorge, math teacher at Leesville

    “I think Rihanna did a good job of showing how pregnant women can still be confident,” said Lamme, who thought the addition to the performance “made it more real.” 

    Rhinna was not the first performer to announce a pregnancy through public television.

    “I think it was good because Beyonce and Cardi B have done that before, so I think it’s a nice way to tell the world that you are having a baby,” said Ms. Tabron, English teacher at Leesville. 

    Rihanna made a statement with her Super Bowl halftime show. Although it was controversial, the show was iconic and a part of history.


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