A Review of Coffee Similar Drinks from a Beginner Coffee Lover


As a beginner coffee lover, I want to try all coffees and narrow down the ones that I like and the ones I wasn’t fond of. 

To find the perfect ideal coffee for me, I needed to ask some of my more experienced coffee-drinking friends. 

Hannah Lewis, sophomore, said, “Keurig with the biggest or the 2nd biggest amount, and then a Walmart hazelnut coffee base because I’m not going to pay so much for a Starbucks coffee.”

Lewis goes into depth about how she takes her coffee with two sugars of stevia, half and half, milk, and caramel creamer. She likes her coffee with more cream than coffee. 

Anna Brenzovich, sophomore, said, “I like my coffee with lots of cream and sugar.”

So I quested out to try the new coffees. 

I first wanted to try the coffee with lots of cream and sugar since that seemed popular in my friend group. 

I would say that I liked it a lot. I think as a new coffee enthusiast, coffee can be a bit hard without anything in it. Hearing from those around me who drink coffee, they enjoy a sweet and smooth drink that will keep them awake. 

I definitely liked the coffee with the cream and sugar. I love sweet things so if you like sweet things then this is definitely a must-try. My friends also proved to me that you can make your own coffee without it being expensive. 

The next coffee I wanted to try was Starbucks to give it a winning chance. I got a caramel frappuccino, and I would say it was very good. I like that it was almost slushy, it didn’t really taste like coffee, more like a sugary drink that was sweet. I would also say it was overpriced, around $5. 

I also tried the vanilla latte and seasonal peppermint mocha, and both were good. 

Frappes and mochas are sugary drinks that do not always taste like coffee at Starbucks. So if you’re into sweet drinks I would recommend this for you, especially if you’re a beginner coffee drinker. 

I realized that I needed to try some harder coffees now, which was a little scarier than the sweet overpriced drinks. I decided to try a cold brew nitro, and I will say it was very bitter and not good, the smell was enough alone to make me not drink it.

Nitro coffee is made for those who like really bitter drinks and want a strong wake-up. I would not recommend it to a beginner coffee drinker. 

The last coffee I tried was a latte at Jubala coffee in Lafayette Village, I would say this was the best coffee I had. I think it’s important to support local coffee shops. 

In my opinion, local shops always have better coffee than chain stores like Starbucks. This coffee actually tasted like coffee but it was still smooth and sweet. 

I would highly recommend this coffee to anyone, a beginner or an experienced coffee drinker. 

As far as iced coffee or hot coffee I would say that’s all up to opinion. Some days I do prefer cold and iced coffee, but when I want to sit and drink, I definitely prefer hot coffee, especially on cold days. 


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