Wearing Pj’s To School


Most students would argue that wearing PJ’s to school offers them comfort and convenience. The motivation to go to school sometimes just isn’t there, and the ability to go to school in your pajamas makes things a little easier. 

Lucas Dunham, junior, said, “I wear pajamas for the comfort and to look cool.” He said “there should be no restrictions [on pajamas] because like, sometimes people don’t have time in the mornings you know, you have to wake up early for that and you can just have extra sleep. ”

Some adults, on the other hand, may say that wearing PJ’s to school damages students’ learning experience, saying that wearing pajamas may give students a negative attitude about the seriousness of school. 

Amy Wedge, an English teacher at Leesville, said, “My personal belief about students wearing pajamas is that they should not. I feel that school is like a job for them, and studies have shown that an increase of success comes, with feeling or performing stronger, when students don’t wear them.”

Some schools see PJs as a sign that it’s not worth someone’s time or effort to go change or look more presentable. Some of these schools may make it a priority to dress code students who wear pajamas. 

Wedge also said, “A solution for not wearing pajamas is blue jeans or sweats. In my opinion, pajamas are in the category of loungewear, at home, in your room, whereas sweats and sportswear is okay for comfort at school.”

Many people at Leesville wear pajamas to school. Whether or not it affects their performance and work ethic is debatable, but students getting their work done is the main goal.


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