Rising 9th Grade Informational Session

    Leesville Road High had an invitation to the open house on the Leesville Road High School website. As the new semester begins, the incoming freshmen parents want to learn more about Leesville and the curriculum that their kids could take (Photo Courtesy of Ben Taylor).

    One 2/9/23 Leesville Road High School had an open house so parents of incoming 9th graders could learn about the curriculum. 

    The parents were happy to learn about options for their soon-to-be freshman. 

    “We have a lot of faculty members here to answer questions about curriculum, which is really the focus. All rising ninth grader parents have been invited mainly to do with space, the students are coming to camp pride during the summer,” said Katie O’Riordan, one of the student services officers. 

    “The main goal of the open house is mainly about curriculum — choosing classes for their ninth grade year. It is also there to answer questions about specific courses. The parents will get information about math and English — mainly the core classes,” said O’Riordan.

    The open house was a success. 

    “We had a lot of great questions from parents, and it felt like they left feeling at ease for the new 9th graders coming in. It was good to kind of make that first step for parents,” said Señor Florence, one of the many teachers helping to conduct the open house. 

    “The best part of the open house is always interacting with the parent I would like for their child to be there to because it is that late after school to kind of make that connection and try to be a little bit more familiar even though it is still important to make a good connection with the parents,” said Florence.


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