Winter is the Worst Season

Winter, some of us hate it and some of us are just plain wrong. This is why those select groups of people are wrong. (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain).

We all have our favorite season, for some of us it is spring or summer, but if yours is winter you are just plain wrong.

I mean what does winter even have: daylight savings, seasonal depression, uncomfortable amounts of clothes, and the 5 days a year when it snows.

Let’s look at daylight savings time: it has been proven to worsen your health just by pushing the time back by one hour. While it may give us one more hour of sleep in the winter, come spring time when daylight savings time ends we are all groggy and there is a higher chance of car accidents, according to Charbonnet Law firm LLC

Have you ever just wanted to walk outside in a comfortable amount of clothes and not be freezing . Well not in the winter, usually a walker needs : gloves, a jacket, a thick hat, ear muffs, and big socks, are things that walkers and bikers need to be comfortable. 

What do you need to be comfortable in summer: shorts and a t-shirt. Who wants to wear three layers of clothing just to be warm when you can wear one layer of clothing and be just as comfortable if not more.

Imagine it is 5pm, which is not that late, but because of daylight savings time it looks as if it is midnight outside. Because of this premature darkness your productivity is lowered by an extremely large amount in a process known as seasonal depression which affects all of us no matter how strong or weak we are mentally. 

Snow may be fun in places like Stockholm, Vancouver, and Toronto but don’t be naive. We live in North Carolina we don’t really get that much snow and when we do get it it is only about 2 or 3 inches, so there should not be that much hype about snow here. 

While some may find the snow fun with just 3 inches it is not enough to outweigh the negatives: uncomfortable amounts of clothes, daylight savings time, and seasonal depression.


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