Strawberries Are The Best Fruit


Out of all the fruits in the world, strawberries come in first place. One smell of a ripe strawberry will tell you how good they taste.  

Strawberries are good for your whole body. They are among the top 20 fruits in antioxidant capacity and are believed to help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

Strawberries are the most popular due to their pleasant taste, characteristic color, and nutritional values. They appear on 54% of U.S. menus and 86% of consumers like or love them.  It’s no wonder why everything has a strawberry flavor- everyone loves it! From candy to smoothies, desserts, and lip gloss, strawberries are universally loved. 

Does having to cut your fruit make it less likely for you to eat it? With strawberries, simply bite of the red part of the fruit and set the leaves aside. Or, you can even eat the leaves- theres no harm!

Strawberries have been crowned the ‘happiest fruit’ by a new study. The berry’s appeal is so strong that 86% of those surveyed by the University of London claimed that just by thinking about eating one they felt more relaxed. 

They also win the title of the prettiest fruit. When it comes to the best fruit to look at, the bright red and dark green can’t be beat. 

Although they remind me of summer, strawberries are a seasonless fruit because of the variety of applications it’s used in. Even if they’re not in season, enjoy strawberry jam on crackers or strawberry ice cream. 

Enjoy this extraordinary tasting and looking fruit year round.


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