College Football Playoff Predictions


The college football playoffs take place on December 30, at 4 and 8 PM EST. The four playoff teams include Georgia (1), Michigan (2), TCU (3), and OSU (4). OSU will take on Georgia in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl, and TCU plays Michigan in the Vrbo Fiesta Bowl.

The winners of each bowl will move on to the National Championship game —  January 9, at SoFi Stadium.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

The Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl has OSU (4) taking on Georgia (1). Georgia went undefeated in the regular season and blew out LSU by 25 points in the SEC championship game. On the other hand, Ohio State went 11-1 and missed their conference championship game.

Georgia’s current record is 13-0 and won their conference title. Their most notable wins include Oregon (11), Tennessee (1), and LSU (14).

OSU’s current record is 11-1 and did not play in its conference title. Their one significant loss was to Michigan, losing by 22 points.

According to ESPN, Georgia has a 58.1% chance of winning, with a spread of 6.5 points.

Leighana Rindell, freshman, said, “Georgia will win over OSU because they have been playing consistently well, unlike OSU.”

Aidan Ross, freshman, said, “I think Georgia will demolish OSU because OSU has shown weakness against Michigan, and it will show when facing the top-ranked team.”

Vrbo Fiesta Bowl

The Vrbo Fiesta Bowl has TCU (3) taking on Michigan (2). TCU had an undefeated regular season but failed to win their conference championship game. However, Michigan is currently having a perfect season and also winning its conference title.

Michigan’s current record is 13-0 and won their conference title. Their most notable wins include Penn State (10) and Ohio State (2).

TCU’s current record is 12-1 and they lost their conference title. Their one loss is to Kansas State by 3 points in overtime.

According to ESPN, Michigan has a 66.5% chance of winning, with a spread of 7.5 points.

Rindell said, “Michigan will destroy TCU because TCU is overrated and barely wins their games.”

Ross said, “TCU will win because they are following the underdog story, and their loss in the conference title game will humble them to perform better now.”

National Championship

The winners of the two games advance to the National Championship. Then the winner of the National Championship game will be declared the best college football team in the nation for this season.

With the scenarios from Rindell and Ross, they have different predictions on who is going to play in the title game, as well as who wins.

Ross’s title game is TCU vs Georgia, with TCU being the winner.

Rindell’s title game is Michigan vs Georgia, with Georgia being the winner.

In the end, all four teams are the best in the nation and all have a fair shot of winning it all.



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