Student Accident Insurance for 2022-23 School Year


Leesville Road High School offers an assortment of new accident insurance policies, through Health Special Risk Insurance Company (HSR) this 2022-23 school year. These plans cover all students furthermore, some policies are specifically geared towards students participating in athletics.

Why choose a supplemental insurance policy?

The average insurance policy covers only 80 percent of the cost of an accident. This 20 percent, that the family is responsible for, may create a huge bill. The accidental insurance policies, offered by LRHS, cover the entire cost of an accidental injury. 

Some family insurance policies do not cover accidents that occur during athletics or on school grounds. Choosing the right plan for your child athlete can alleviate costs if an injury occurs. 

The accident insurance policies listed below will act as a safety net. 

Choosing the right plan for your child athlete can alleviate costs if an injury occurs.  

Which insurance policy is best for you and your child? 


  • “School time accident coverage” injuries that occur during school hours and during school sponsored and supervised activities are covered by this plan. This policy does not cover students participating in tackle football.


  • “Twenty-four hour accident coverage” provides coverage anytime, anywhere. This includes during school, at home, vacation trips, and continues throughout the summer. This policy does not cover students participating in tackle football. 


  • “Twenty-four hour dental coverage” covers injury to teeth but does not cover routine care such as cleanings, and cavity repair, the policy only covers natural healthy teeth. An injury must be treated within 60 days. The maximum coverage is $50,000.


  • “High School football coverage” is only available to ninth graders, and covers injuries that occur during football practice, events, or games. This plan ends on the last day of practice or the event. This insurance plan charges students different premiums when playing with or against upperclassmen. 


Insurance plans and their specific requirements and benefits can differ depending on financial situations. This is recognized by offering different plans at different price points. If a student has an accident and has no insurance, by default, the student will be covered by the district purchased accident insurance. This is a limited insurance plan therefore students should consider purchasing one of the policies listed above. 

Which Students Would Benefit the Most? 

Student athletes will benefit the most from accident insurance. “A lot of the time, typically the people who elect to do this are not people who are uninsured. It’s usually an additional insurance,” said Dr. Huber.

Student athletes would benefit from accident insurance due to high intensity and injury risk.  (Photo from LRHS twitter)

What Do Students’ Parents Think?

Two parents of students who attend LRHS weigh in their thoughts.

“I did not realize that the school offered students accidental insurance. This can be very helpful, since most policies leave 20 percent to be paid by the family, which could add up very quickly.” said Susan Evans, a parent of a student at LRHS.

“Offering insurance to students shows that LRHS has a real concern for the welfare of their students, it’s very thoughtful,” said John Christensen.

The offering of accident insurance through Leesville Road High School is a great way for families to be more secure and confident when an injury occurs. 

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