Reckless driving results in numerous crashes 

After a crash, students must call their parents and the police. Parents have the authority to press charges, the other family must pay for damages. (Photo Courtesy of Kennedy Glonek)

During the summer, several juniors at Leesville Road High School gained driver’s licenses. Unfortunately, with newfound freedom, many have become reckless, as several crashes have happened in a matter of six days.

Most crashes happen during lunch and dismissal, and while crashes are inevitable with student drivers, there should not be one each day of school. 

Car accidents concern many parents as they worry for their kid’s safety; some have not allowed their children to drive themselves to school.

Not only are the students driving in danger, but so are the walkers and bikers. “It makes me feel unsafe; many people do not stop at the stop signs,” said Ben Taylor, a sophomore at Leesville Road High School. 

Since the start of the school year, Taylor has watched students speed past stop signs and red lights. 

Kennedy Glonek, a junior at Leesville Road High School, was recently in a car crash outside the school. “I was pulling out of school, and I was turning left into Food Lion. I had my turn signal on, and they just ran into me,” said Glonek. 

Both drivers involved in the crash were students at Leesville Road High School. The crash occurred during A lunch when most student drivers are going off campus. 

Student drivers become even more dangerous when they go on their phones at the wheel instead of paying attention to the road. “I have seen many almost crashes on the way out of school. Put your blinkers on, and get off your phone,” said Ashley Lamme, a junior at Leesville Road High School.

Students must become aware of their surroundings to make sure that no one is harmed. Remember: Leesville Road High School is not just a school, it’s a community that should look out for one another. 


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