Senioritis is not Laziness


As the last few months of senior year fly by, teachers start to treat senioritis as if it is some plague spreading across the senior class.

In every class teachers nag seniors saying stuff like, “Don’t let senioritis get to you!” Or, “Senioritis doesn’t exist in my class, so stop being lazy!” 

However, laziness is not the real issue here. 

By the time second semester rolls around, many seniors have a good idea of what they are going to do after high school. For students going to college, most have already been accepted into a few schools by the second semester, so they just need to pass their last few classes to get their diploma. 

In previous years, these students worked hard to keep up their grades so they could keep their options open in the future. However, now that they have gotten all that they want out of high school except their diploma, there is little reason to try. 

Senior year should be a year full of fun and free of stress. It is the last year that the seniors will be able to spend with each other before they all split off on their way to become adults. They should spend their time having fun with each other, not unnecessarily freaking out about their classes and all the assignments they need to complete.

Seniors are not just lazy — they are spending their time doing what they think will make them the happiest. Seniors are not lazy —  they only do what they need to in order to move on to the next step of their lives. Seniors are not lazy — they just want to make the most of their limited time left in high school.

Instead of needing an A in all of their classes, they can get by easily with a B or a C with no consequences. As long as their grades are good enough where the colleges will not revoke their acceptance or they will miss out on their senior exemptions, there is no difference between earning an A and skating by with a B or a C. 

Senioritis is not being a lazy senior despite having important assignments to do: Senioritis is the act of not doing something simply because there is no need. 

Seniors may turn in assignments late and get lower grades than they used to, but that is simply because it is not necessary for them to get higher grades. Why should they be stressed and stay up late doing assignments when they could just not try, be less stressed, and get a slightly lower grade with no consequence.

Senioritis is simply the seniors deciding to spend their time having fun instead of doing unnecessary assignments.


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