Face of Leesville(Print)

Leesville is made up of the faces and wIthout these administrators faces at school doing what they do best, Leesville wouldn’t be Leesville. You can view the Mycenaean Spring print to see the hand-copy version! (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain)

Ms. Reaves- Registrar

Q: What’s a simple act of kindness that brightens your day?

A: “A simple act of kindness that brighten my day is smile from a student or teacher.” -Ms. Reaves

Ms. Fitzgerald- Lead Secretary

Q: What does a day look like for you?
A: “I get up at 3:15 every morning because I have to start scheduling substitute teachers. For every one
teacher that’s out, I have to pull six teachers to cover parts of their classes. When I have six teachers
out and can’t find substitutes, I have to find 36 teachers to cover classes.” -Ms. Fitzgerald
Q: What’s one of your biggest accomplishments?
A: “I’m never absent. The first ten years that I worked here, I didn’t miss a day. Even when my daughter
gave birth, I just came into school late.” -Ms. Fitzgerald
Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?
A: “Some of my favorite parts of my job [are] when I complete a job with accuracy or when I get to
see and work with students.” -Ms. Fitzgerald

Ms. Millie- Receptionist

Q: What does a work day look like for you?
A: “My day is very busy; I do things from answering the phone and door, to questions from
students.” -Ms. Millie
Q: What’s a small act of kindness that brighten your day?
A: “I always enjoy when students come in and say hi to me during my day.”-Ms. Millie
Q: What are your exchanges like with Ms. Millie?
A: “Every time that I didn’t have a mask and went to the office to grab one, she was always so nice to
me. Seeing her puts a smile on my face.” -Luke Lovic, Leesville junior
Q: Does she brighten the atmosphere in the office?
A: “Yes; she’s a great person to walk into first thing in the morning.” -Luke Lovic, Leesville junior

Mr. Muffley- Special Programs Teacher

Q: What’s a simple act of kindness that brightens your day?
A: “I think it’s easy to take for granted the things in life we can do without even thinking about it –
walking, talking, using our arms and legs. I quickly learned that the population I have the pleasure
of working with is not any different than typical students, as far as wants and needs. They want and
need to: have and make new friends, be accepted by their teachers and peers, know that they are
appreciated and cared about, express themselves, and simply feel safe and enjoy their life. Each
morning I have 9 students walk into my classroom laughing and smiling from ear to ear, not allowing
everything else going on in the world to bother them. They are just happy to be alive and well.
Each morning, I am reminded, 9 times, to approach the day with the same attitude and outlook on
life!” -Mr. Muffley
Q: How does Mr. Muffley make an impact on the Leesville football team?
A: “Muffley is a funny coach, and he is all about his players. His main goal is making his players
better everyday.” -Gabe Sherman, Junior on Leesville’s Football Team

Mr. Skebeck- ISS Teacher

Q: What do you enjoy about your job?

A: “As the ISSIA, I manage the classroom during the day. I enjoy when the students interact and share things with me.” -Mr. Skebeck

Q: What are your thoughts on Mr. Skebeck?

A: “ISS is a proper way to discipline kids who abruptly act out. Mr. Skebeck does a good job of keeping everyone in check.” -anonymous

Jennifer Buck- Cafeteria Manager

Q: What does a work day look like for you?
A: “As Leesville’s cafeteria manager, I serve breakfast and lunch to the students everyday. Part of
my job is making sure that the lunch lines are running efficiently, so I see some of the same students
for both breakfast and lunch.” -Jennifer Buck
Q: What do you enjoy seeing at Leesville?
A: “I enjoy seeing the same students from breakfast at lunch time. I enjoy seeing how the kids
are throughout the day and keeping up with them. I also like when I say “have a great day” and
students respond with “you too.” -Jennifer Buck
Q: What are your thoughts on the lunch staff?
A: “The lunch ladies are really nice and always have a smile on their face. They never forget to say
‘have a good day,’ which is a simple act of kindness that I always enjoy.” -anonymous

Ms Dragone Spotlight

Wendy Dragone is a Leesville media  specialist who passionately directs and engages students through their reading experiences.

“It’s fun because it’s always different,” said Dragone. Someday’s she can see up to 16 different classes for freshman orientation and other days she sorts book orders and catalogs books. 

Dragone works with everyone from students, to teachers, to administrators. 

“My favorite part of my job is when a student comes back to tell me about a book that I recommended,” said Dragone. Dragone’s passion is reading and spreading that passion to students “is so rewarding.”

Dragone also enjoys building relationships with teachers. “Seeing a happy teacher brightens my day all the time,” said Dragone

Ms. Hendricks, a Leesville English teacher, enjoys talking to Dragone about books. “She’s very personable and helpful to students with research and assignments,” said Hendricks.

“She’s extremely helpful and always accommodating to the teachers,” said Hendricks. With Dragone’s help, Hendricks always has a smooth experience when distributing books to her class and when she goes to the media center. 

Ms. Dragone’s dedication to her job enlightens new readers and brightens teachers’ days. 


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