Delaney Santre: Student Spotlight

Just about everyone at school probably knows Delaney Santre. Whether she’s tutored you, an officer in your club, or in your class, you’ve heard of her. 

All About Delaney

Moving from Texas to North Carolina

Santre is originally from Houston, Texas. She moved with her family when she was fifteen. “It was extremely difficult for me at first to come to Leesville from Texas,” typed Santre on a Google Document. “I was heartbroken that I had to leave my home of fifteen years behind to live somewhere I had only been to once,” typed Santre. 

Santre was nervous when she first got to Leesville. “I remember walking into my first period class the first day of second semester my sophomore year (my first day at Leesville),” typed Santre. But, Leesville was more tight-knit, so she felt more comfortable.

However, when Santre first came to Leesville, she found it hard to make friends because it’s “not her strong suit.” “I am actually an introvert even though I have a big personality and chatty at times,” typed Santre. “I prefer to observe my peers before trying to take the plunge and talk to them, hence why I was so quiet my first few weeks at Leesville.”

When Santre auditioned for the LRHS play Sister Act, she made new friends in Leesville’s Theatre Department. “I’m so grateful that they were super welcoming and kind to me during my transition here,” typed Santre. 

Difference Between Texas and North Carolina

Leesville is a big jump from Santre’s old Texas school. “From block scheduling and off-campus lunch, and North Carolina, in general, is very different from Texas,” typed Santre. “First off, [I’d] never heard of Bojangles or Cookout until I came here.” 

Santre also thinks the food is better in Texas than in North Carolina. But, there is one last important difference: “there are way more obnoxious trucks that drive like crazy people on the highways in Texas,” typed Santre. “I do not miss that.”

School Activities

Santre and the first cast of the Leesville Road High School production of Agatha Christie’s novel, And Then There Were None. Santre portrayed Ethel Rodgers, the elderly maid on the island.  (Photo used by permission of Delaney Santre)

Santre was greatly involved in the LRHS theatre department and was one of the main characters in the 2021 Fall play, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

“Putting on a production is one of the most amazing experiences,” typed Santre. “Every aspect of theatre comes together in such a short time to create a masterpiece.”

Johnny Pohlman, who was in the play with Santre, had nothing but nice things to say about her. 

“[Delaney] always helped us look our best during our rehearsals and performances,” typed Pohlman over text. “She is really nice and always willing to help out whenever we needed advice or ideas on how to become better actors,” 

Other than theatre, Santre is the President of the Latin Club, Vice President of the Math Club, and the Secretary of the Science National Honor Society. 

“I always enjoy working with other officers to create club activities and sharing common interests with students at Leesville,” said Santre. 

School and Work

Along with Santre’s many school activities, she is a trainer at Chick-fil-A (CFA) in Brier Creek and works about 25 hours a week.  “[Working that long] is pretty exhausting on top of my many AP classes.” 

Despite the hours of work, Santre works hard at work, as confirmed by Evan Pinnix, another senior at Leesville who is a director at CFA. “Delaney is a hard worker,” typed Pinnix over text. 

“[She is] always putting the team before herself, and is excellent at training our new hires and making them feel welcome,” typed Pinnix.

However, Santre copes with naps, sweet tea after a long shift, protein shakes, but most especially, coffee. “Yes, I am a raging caffeine addict, and yes I do usually take my coffee black,” typed Santre.

Santre also stresses the importance of “prioritizing your workload, giving yourself days off, and eating healthy (enough).”

“Taking care of yourself should come first, as at the end of the day, that matters way more,” typed Santre.

Looking toward the Future

Currently, Santre wants to be a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. “Sure this could change in the near future,” typed Santre. “But, I just know that my future will be heavily involved in science and helping others.”

“I have such a big heart for people, and I want to make a difference in the medical community in doing so.”

Santre will be graduating in June, and she received acceptance letters from UNC-CH, NC State, UT Austin, and Texas A&M, and is waiting to hear back from eight more schools.


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