WRAL Nights of Lights

WRAL’s own display on the Nights of Lights route through Dorothea Dix Park.

By: Lizzie Ostling

WRAL is hosting their second annual Nights of Lights at Dorothea Dix Park this winter. From 6:30 to 9:30, between November 20th to December 24th, a line of cars travel slowly through the park. In addition to the drive throughs, those willing to brave the cold could participate in a 5k on November 20th and bike rides on November 21st and December 13th. 

Regular tickets cost $20 and Fast Lane tickets cost $40 until December 17th, when regular tickets cost $25 and Fast Lane tickets cost $50. But don’t worry, the Fast Lane does not mean fewer lights, only that there is a shorter wait time. 

Throughout this holiday season, excited families crowd into their cars to listen to Christmas music and drink hot coco. The slow pace enables the windows to be down without too much of a breeze, which allows great views from any seat in the car. Neighborhood decorations can be pretty, but WRAL took Christmas lights to another level. The light displays spanded 1.3 miles and were grouped by theme. The first was a stretch of red, white, and blue, thanking all of the frontline workers, including all the medical professionals during the pandemic. The light displays varied from an glowing ocean of sea creatures to a line of dancing elves. 

A group of festive sign holders wish each car a happy holiday as they drove out of Dorothea Dix Park. One especially dedicated member of the party wears an inflatable Christmas Tree costume to bring a bit more joy to the visitors to the Nights of Lights.


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