LRHS Lacrosse vs. Baseball


Lacrosse was the first sport to be played in America nearly 400 years ago by the Native Americans. The sport has rich traditions and history. The game of lacrosse changed and evolved through the years into the game we know today. 

Baseball was first played in 1846, and it incorporated ideas from cricket. Since then baseball has also changed in many different ways and become one of the most popular sports in the world. 

The sport lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet. It is an extremely hard game due to the physical aspect, plus it requires a lot of focus to control the ball in your stick.

 Baseball has many pauses in the game and has an occasional movement where the runner only has to run 90 yards to the base. Lacrosse is a much faster game that is way more physical than baseball. 


Since the 2010-2011 season, which was the first LRHS lacrosse season the team has played 147 games gathering an impressive 110 wins with only 37 losses. Since 2010-2011 baseball has played 230 games, winning only 150 of them and losing 80. The LRHS lacrosse team has an incredible win percentage of 74.83% while the baseball team since then has a 65.22 win percentage. 

LRHS lacrosse faces some very good teams like Cardinal Gibbons and Broughton twice a year. Cardinal Gibbons is a team that has won the NC State Championship 4 times since 2015. While LRHS baseball also faces these schools, their baseball teams are not as good as their lacrosse teams. 

There has only been one year in LRHS lacrosse history where the team has failed to make the playoffs. LRHS lacrosse is always a dangerous team in the playoffs and they even made it as far as the quarterfinals in 2019 but ended up losing to the State Champions that year, Middle Creek. The lacrosse team is constantly producing collegiate athletes that go on to play at the next level. 

Personal Opinions

Jaques Williams, LRHS senior said, “I think lacrosse is harder than baseball because you have to run your stick while you are avoiding defenders who want to take the ball away.” 

Williams also said, “I have no prior experience of playing either but from what I have seen lacrosse is a lot more physical”. An unbiased person Jaques Williams says that he thinks lacrosse is more difficult than baseball due to the physical pain you endure and the concentration to hold onto the ball while getting defended.

Overall the points that were made make it clear that lacrosse is a more difficult sport overall and that playing at LRHS can be very difficult as well. LRHS has a very successful program in lacrosse and they look to continue their success going into their upcoming season. 


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