Celsius’s “Healthy” Marketing


Celsius markets as a drink that “powers active lives every day with essential, functional energy,” and is healthier; compared to other brands. In the past year, I’ve seen an influx in the popularity of the drink. Why is everyone so obsessed? 

Something that allows Celsius to stand out from competitors is because it markets as “healthy.” When compared to Monster, Celsius has more vitamins and less sugar. Though in a 16oz can of Monster there is 160ml of caffeine, a smaller serving than Celsius’ 200ml for 12oz. 

“I prefer Celcius over any other energy drinks because they taste a lot more natural,” said Katelyn Gill, a sophomore at Leesville, over text. 

Caroline Gill, another sophomore at Leesville, said “there is 0 sugar, only 10 calories and it has all 7 vitamins you need. The only bad thing is the amount of caffeine.”

A reason for the higher caffeine content in Celsius may be due to the fact they claim to be a pre-workout, not an energy drink. “Energy drink[s, are] any beverage that contains high levels of a stimulant ingredient, usually caffeine…” according to Britannica. In this case, Celcius would be considered a pre-workout and an energy drink. 

“I feel like the marketing makes me feel better about drinking it since it is marketed as healthy vs Monster being dark and seeming more unhealthy,” said Payton Haag a sophomore at Leesville, over text.

Caroline Gill seems to agree. “Celcius’ marketing played a huge role in my opinion on it,” she said, “The people they sponsor always look happy and energized.”

Celsius’ light, healthy, clean, “aesthetic” marketing has allowed the brand to grow and be seen as a health drink; more than a dark, grunge, sugary drink like some of their competitors.

Though when looking at sales, Celsius’ net income change from quarter 1 of 2020 to quarter 1 of 2021 is a 7% increase, while Monster’s net income change is a 14.2% increase. This may seem weird when given the seemingly sudden popularity of the energy drink until you realize the popularity is within high school and influencer spaces. 

Celsius’ sudden traction goes hand-in-hand with the influx of teens, specifically teen girls,  wanting to live this “healthy” lifestyle. This is why even though Celsius seems to have more consumers, those consumers are only seen in the vacuum of schools and social media. 

The words  Celsius uses to promote their brand gives consumers a sense of “health”, and is why people trying to live this lifestyle may gravitate towards this type of marketing.


  1. I believe you meant milliGrams of caffeine. Not milliliters? Otherwise tho, thank you for the article. I only just heard of Celsius today and wondered if it was worth trying. Going to pick one up tomorrow to get thru the Monday blahs.


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