The Leesville Parking Lot


It is 6:50 in the morning, and I turn right at the light closest to the Leesville student parking lot. Immediately, I am greeted with a long line of cars waiting to turn left into the school entrance, which is really nice because I have time to just sit and relax in line. 

When I eventually get into the parking lot, I sit and listen to other students blasting their music, which I love because it not only wakes me up a little more, but it allows me to gain insight on other people’s music tastes.

Now, walking to and from the parking lot, you must remember to hurry. Personally there have been a few close calls where I have almost been run over — but honestly I do not mind, as I get some exercise and am reminded to always look both ways before crossing the street because people WILL NOT stop for you. 

Leaving the school is even more fun than the morning. 

You gain a lot of experience driving with people in a rush but no way to get anywhere efficiently. This leads to people cutting each other off and not following the “take turns” rule when getting in line that we were taught in elementary school. 

“I am always humbled when leaving the student parking lot. When people do not let me in, I know they are more important than me and it is much more pressing that they get out a minute faster than I do,” said Rose Miller, a junior at Leesville Road High School. 

Then there is the story of what happened to a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. She let a car into the line and then let in the next person who happened to be a close friend. She was then honked at, but then, reflecting, told me she understood why the person was so impatient. “In the real world everyone is for themselves, and there is no time to try to be nice to others. The person behind me was just reminding me of that!”


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