Greenglass House: A Review


Greenglass House captures perfectly the comfort of home and a child’s excitement of new opportunities. It is, in many ways, the perfect comfort read.

The Plot

The novel stars Milo, who is looking forward to spending a quiet winter break with his parents in the Greenglass House, an inn they own. A crowd of customers come to stay at the inn, each bringing with them their own intertwining mysteries and spoiling Milo’s plans.

 He and his friend Meddy must work to solve these mysteries and discover the truth about the strange guests and the Greenglass House itself. 

My Crituques

This book does a great job of capturing the mindset of a child in its main character. Many novels make young characters act much older or mature than they should for their age. Greenglass House allows the young characters to be children and gives them imagination. While this childlike attitude shows itself in the actions and words of the characters, it also affects the overall tone of the book, giving it a more whimsical feel–as seen through the eyes of a child.

Both the setting and the tone of the story are very cozy. Kate Milford describes the house in a very welcoming way, making it seem like the perfect place to live. The contrast of the winter weather with the warmness of the house adds to the novel’s welcoming feel.

The plot in general is incredibly interesting. There are new elements added to the mystery every chapter, and though they seem disconnected, it’s cool when each piece finally comes together and the answers fall into place.

As is with most books I have read, the characters were my favorite part: all unique and colorful, with their own stories and quirks. You can’t help but come to like them as you read–even the ones that start off as rude. Each character adds so much life and color to the story as a whole.

Thanks to all of the story elements–setting, tone, and characters–Greenglass House is a very fun and comforting book to read. If you’re looking for a low-stress escape, Greenglass House is the perfect novel.


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