Marvel’s New Show: What If…?


The MCU Multiverse

A Marvel Multiverse, the idea that there are multiple realities featuring the Avengers, is not new, and fans of the comics are no strangers to the concept. A multiverse in the Cinematic universe, however, was under question for quite some time. 

Most fans speculated that there was, indeed, a multiverse within the MCU, and as Disney released more and more Marvel shows and films, this speculation started to become reality. 

The Disney+ show, Loki, released the summer of 2021, centered around the idea of alternate realities in the MCU, confirming that a multiverse was canon. Loki was also a fantastic show, and the reality of a multiverse made it even better. 

Similarly, the premise of What If…? also centers around the multiverse, only much more directly than Loki does.

The Stories

Each episode tracks a different character or group of characters in the Marvel Universe as they go off their usual path. The show takes an event in the original movies and twists it so that the course of the future is changed. It’s an incredibly interesting concept, albeit somewhat typical. The story gives just enough information, but leaves small plot holes for the viewer to fill in with their own theories and imagination. 

Another great part of the show is that it allows for characters who may not have gotten as much screen time in the movies to be developed further. An example of this is in the first episode, where Peggy Carter–a character with a large role in only one Marvel movie–takes the stage as the first Avenger, instead of Captain America.

The Animation

What If…? features a unique cell-shaded animation style, reminiscent of comic books. It’s a mix of 3-D and 2-D animation techniques, similar to the animation of Into the Spiderverse–a film that also explores alternate realities. The animation adds a lot to the show, making it fun and easy on the eyes, while also contrasting some of the more serious themes in each episode.

For Everyone

Although What if…? builds off of a concept already developed in past movies and shows, it’s an easy watch for both casual fans and fans who have a better understanding of the MCU. For casual fans, the episodes require little prior knowledge of the movies. Even with prior knowledge, the show is fresh and interesting enough to engage viewers.


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