Why Do People Wear Sweatshirts and Shorts?


With fall approaching, Leesville students have started wearing two classic pieces with purposes that contradict each other: sweatshirts and shorts. Which then poses the question — does wearing a sweatshirt with shorts make sense? 

Sweatshirts are typically worn for warmth in cooler temperatures, and shorts are typically worn in warm weather for comfort and airflow. 

Yet, Raleigh mornings have started feeling cooler with sultry afternoons. This weather creates an awkward decision on what to wear. Short sleeve shirts can be too cold, but wearing sweatpants or leggings can be too warm. 

Not only does the weather pose issues, but Leesville’s air conditioning is also a struggle.  

“The air conditioning is different throughout the whole school. I like having a sweatshirt because it’s easier to take on and off when I go outside or go into a warmer classroom than if I wore long sleeves,” said Grace Moore, a junior. 

Also, many wear it for comfort purposes. 

“I wouldn’t say that I wear a sweatshirt and shorts for style. I just think a sweatshirt is more comfortable than a t-shirt and shorts are more comfortable than leggings,” said Cameron Broer, a freshman. 

“I feel more secure and comfortable when I wear a sweatshirt. I don’t typically get cold on my legs as fast as I get cold on my upper body,” said Moore. 

According to high schoolers, what might look ‘out of balance’ does make sense in multiple ways.



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