Hump Day Riot

Monday was a holiday and Tuesday was a teacher workday, meaning students only had a three-day week. A fight over whether Hump day was still on Wednesday or if it should move to Thursday quickly ensued. (Photo courtesy of Savannah Sinor).

On Thursday, September 9,  Pleesville students started a riot in the cafeteria because they could not figure out when Hump Day was.  They had Hump Day confusion. 

Last week only had three school days (Wednesday-Friday) due to a holiday and a teacher workday, leading to confusion and fighting.

Some were certain that Wednesday was Hump Day, but others were just as convinced that it was Thursday.

Those arguing for Wednesday believed that Hump Day was a fixed day, that it would always be the middle of the 5-day work week. While those fighting for Thursday believed that Hump Day moves around, that it is the middle day of the actual school week, moving depending on if there are days off.

The dispute quickly escalated into a full-blown riot. The teachers tried to pull angry students apart, but it was useless. 

Thankfully, before their destructive fight could level the whole school, the Geico Camel ended this Hump Day riot.

“I just marched in, ready to tell everyone what day it was. I didn’t even notice that they were fighting,” said the Camel. 

In his ignorance, the Camel strutted into the mob, asking people what day it was and ultimately stopped everyone.

“He was like ‘Mike, Mike, Mike, guess what day it is?’ and we all froze,” said Mike Mikelson, a senior on the Wednesday side. 

“He shouted that ‘it’s Hump Day’ and I just laughed because it was Thursday, and that meant Thursday was Hump Day. I have literally never felt so excited about something,” said Julia Julart, a junior who believed Thursday was it.

While this news elated Julart, for others like Mikelson, it devastated them.

“I just don’t know what to do with myself now. I am so completely destroyed. I don’t think I’ll ever come back from this,” said Mikelson.

With the Hump Day riot over, and Mikelson and his buddies left in tears, the Geico Camel walked off shouting for all to hear that “it [was] Hump Day!”


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