Leesville Labor Day Covid Concerns

The main stairway and entrance hallway are two of the most congested areas during class transitions. Students walking in and out of the building causes major crowds and can feel quite claustrophobic when trying to make one’s way to class. (Photo courtesy of Kyla McGhee)

On an Instagram Poll of 48 people in the Leesville community, 44% responded that they would be traveling out of town for Labor Day’s long weekend. 

Now as Labor Day approaches, Covid is a major threat to students still adjusting to being back for the year. 

Just as Covid cases were beginning to decline, a spike over the summer has set the trend on a worse path than before. Now, students agree that it’s not a matter of whether we return to virtual learning, it’s just a question of when.

Morgan Spragins, senior at Leesville, is part of the percentage going out of town. She’s traveling to South Carolina in order to tour the College of Charleston. She and her family are making sure to take Covid precautions while staying in a hotel for the trip. Besides wearing masks, they are “bringing [their] own food so [they] don’t have to mingle down at the lobby of the hotel.” 

Spragins is vaccinated and feels that with the precautions her family is taking, they will be able to have a safe and fun weekend.

On the other hand, Livvy Moore, a senior, is staying local in Raleigh. Covid isn’t preventing her from traveling, her family just usually takes this weekend as a break to get realigned for the school year. “We watch a lot of Big Brother and Love Island,” Moore said.

Moore thinks that vaccinations are the key to returning to normal, stating “I feel that all we can do is get vaccinated, after that, as long as you don’t do stupid things…you have to continue on in life.”

The beach tends to be a popular destination for Labor Day. The ocean is still warm and people are eager to get the most in before school really kicks up. Moore said, “I’m hoping that most of the traveling is outdoors, like the beach and stuff like that. So hopefully there won’t be as [many] people packed together.”

The real question is what effect Covid will have on Leesville’s students and staff. The school has already implemented certain rules and protocols concerning Covid on and off-campus. 

Only time will tell whether Labor Day traveling will cause a major outbreak within the school.


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