Has COVID Effected Healthy Eating Habits?


Eating habits during COVID made the alreading long-lasting issue of eating unhealthy even worse.

Many high school students at LRHS do not eat as healthily as they should — junk food seems more appealing than a long lasting system of healthy food. 

When asked if she eats properly, Nilyne L., a junior at LRHS, said, “not all the time.” 

Just this little answer shows volume. She later stated that not eating as healthily as she should affects her everyday performance. “I know for instance not eating breakfast can be very hard to focus in class or it’s just really, it really takes away from being able to do things that you would be able to do when you are on a full stomach.” 

While in quarantine, eating unhealthy became even easier. We were isolated in the comfort of our homes being constantly tempted to eat delicious snacks. “Just one more bite..” we all muttered 10 bites ago. 

Mrs. Schwing is a Foods and Nutritions teacher at LRHS. When asked if she thinks high school students eat as healthily as they should, she said, “oh lord no. Definitely not in America, we do not eat well. In other countries I’m not sure. But here, no we do not eat well.”

Needless to say, living throughout this pandemic unfortunately does not help with maintaining a steady diet. 

Statistics last updated in September 2020 show that 15.1% of highschool students drink soda, 6.3% do not consume fruits regularly and 17.9% do not consume veggies regularly.

With that being said, COVID is not all to blame for bad eating habits. High school students around the world have neglected to eat healthily for years. It is just due to COVID the problem is now more evident, as the pandemic did not help with the circumstances.


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